Summit River Lodge is a eco-friendly oasis located in the village of Thaywatar, opposite the highway town of Kurintar . At 300 meters altitude, the lodge sits very scenically above the Trisuli River and is connected to the busy road by a couple of hanging bridges. The 1 km or 20 minute walk to the lodge immediately connects you to the surrounding village and it’s natural environment. The biggest attraction to our lodge is that the distance from Kathmandu , Pokhara and Narayanghat are all within or below a 3-hour drive ..
Our engagement with the villagers stems from the fact that most of our employees are from the nearby village which is comprised mainly of the Darai, Magar and Chepang communites of Nepal. Because we shop mostly with the locals for daily necessities, there is a big footfall in the socio economics for them as well. Owing to lack of direct road connection, to the villages,farms, walking routes all have remained more or less intact and modern developments have taken a backseat ; in other words it is a great place to reconnect to our roots .
Waste management is of high importance to us and we discourage use of plastic bottled water and other bottled beverages.   Instead we provide boiled and filtered water dispensers conveniently located for use. Along with the drinking water facility , tea and coffee stations are located at all the rooms units ..
From the time of inception in 2007 our approach to creating a unique spot for nature lovers has remained unchanged . The growth of the lodge and its facilities have also been organic in the sense that we have taken many years to reach where we are today..  Starting with just 7 rooms we have more or less now reached our maximum capacity of 16 in total .. Our swimming pool offers respite during the hot summer months when temperatures soar upto  38 degrees during the hottest days of summer. The rooms are not in anyway luxurious but roomy, comfortable, with en-suite toilets and air condiitoning. The small  menu offers authentic , traditional, wholesome and hearty food.  Basically, it’s a no-frills place , focused more on outdoor seating areas and activities.  No TV or room service, just the sounds of the River to put you off to sleep and waking up to the happy chirping sounds of birds.. Our emphasis has been on creating lots of peaceful nooks and corners, a lot of open space where one may spend hours reading or just bonding with family and friends..
A great getaway even if you only have a day;  we however highly recommend at least 2 nights to fully absorb and enjoy the downtime away from the daily chores of life in the midst of nowhere at our Eco lodge .
All difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations ..

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