Our Activities

The Lodge activities benefit from the challenging, scenic surroundings. You are at an altitude of 420metres. Whether your interest is walking, culture, or simply to get an insight into this beautiful area, we can advice you on these. One of our in house guides, who are knowledgeable on the local culture, can accompany you on request. They are always keen to venture out , so if you are adventurous, why not set out on a day of discovery. 

Rafting Trisuli River

Rafting along the challenging rapids of Trisuli River like Twin Rock, Ladies Delight and Scout Upset can be an extremely mind-blowing experience. During this river trip, you journey through the most scenic and secluded miles featuring incredibly blue water, breath-taking alpine scenery and amazing rapids cutting through some of the most varied geology.  You can drive 3-4 hrs to the raft point at Malekhu, Fishling or Majhimtar. Abiding the guidelines provided by a river guide, you will raft down depending from where you start about 2 -3 hrs.  Finally, conclude the trip at the banks of the lodge or upto Malekhu.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is gaining rapid popularity in Nepal. Locals are embracing the sports of it. One can ride through the villages, fields and farms on dirt tracks, single track and more. For the more adventurous take your bike by Cable car to Manakaman and then expereince one of the best diwnhill rides in Nepal.An ideal location for all whether you are a  beginner or a professional rider.

Manakamana Temple

A short drive will bring us to the Cable Car Terminus from where you start your cable car over some terrain covered with tangerine and other citrus gardens to the mountain-top shrine of Manakamana, the Wish-Fulfilling Goddess of primeval times.  The temple itself is old though the town that has grown around it is very new and a consequence of the cable car installation.  Here the shrine is attended by Magar tribal priests and not the traditional Brahmin that usually are custodians of most Hindu temples !  On certain days of the week, pilgrims sacrifice goats to appease the Goddess or less bloodily, release pigeons in her honour, seeking her acquiescence to their desires !  A trail descends to the Valley below, worn through the ages by the feet of many pilgrims long, long before the advent of the cable car.  You have the option of either walking down to the lodge or return by Cable car.

Short Forest & Village Walk

To get a taste of what’s on offer, why not start with a short, guided walk around the lodge’s immediate vicinity. There are many trails utilized by the local residents, which lead through the villages, passing fields of millet, mustard, potatoes, and other crops, depending on the season. There is also an abundance of birds and butterflies. Orchids hang off the trees along shaded paths and once more you enter forest, descending and entering a narrow valley out of which a small stream gushes. Follow the stream up along it’s many pools and falls to one that is deep enough to Swim or just wade in it.  There’s even a natural rockslide down which you may slide into the pool during the monsson season..Please let the guide know your interests and how long you wish to walk; he can then design a walk to suit you